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Step One

Purchase your popupbud growing kit today, and make an appointment to have kit set up in home as soon as possible!

Step Two

Meet with our popupbud specialist on your schedule, and have your kit built in home. You will be provided everything needed for your first grow.

Step Three

Thats it! Wait, water, and grow powerful healthy flowers with our unique grow system. Easy as 1 2 3

Product Description

Popupbud is the worlds first all inclusive growing system designed by professional growers with years of experience to get you up and growing ASAP. All without the confusion that accompanies many first grows. After purchasing one of our kits we go out of our way to ensure the easiest possible first cannabis grow ever. We meet with you in home to get your kit set up. Provide you everything necessary to grow the most potent buds possible, and here at popupbud we never leave you hanging with access to our Mastergrow  hotline, plus 24/7 chat with professionals ready to help at any time necessary

Product Highlights

Top Shelf Cannabis Clones Included With Purchase

Easy To Follow Growing Tips From Masters of the Art

Access to Our 24/7 MasterGrow Hotline

State of the Art Growing Equipment, As Seen in Most Top Quality Growing Operations Worldwide.

Never before seen Free In-Home Delivery and Setup

Discreet Odor-Free Ventilation Technology System

Certified Low E Full Spectrum LED Lighting System. Best In Practice Low Energy Lighting, and Ventilation


Unlike any service I've ever been a part of. These guys are absolutely amazing, and have exceeded my expectations. They made me feel like part of the team. Already recommended my brother to get his own!

Mohammed Basak
Santa Clarita, CA

Kind of addicting. Was suprised by how much fun it was.
Definitely recommended. If you don't believe me just call em.

Jakub Maddox Tjader
West Covina, CA

Made a mistake and one of my plants died the day they were provided. I called and they came SAME DAY and replaced it. I am surprised by how fast they were. Thanks popupbud!

Josh Cobleigh
Palmdale ,CA

Good kit, thought smell might be a problem but it actually doesn't stink at all. Pretty crazy cuz these plants are getting really big                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Nyari Kendrick
Los Angeles, CA

Yup pretty cool. Always wanted to grow. Its actually easier than
all these web pages claim. Plus like the popupbud guy pointed out the tax rate really is insane for adult use.
Thanks popupbud! Killing it!

Juliana and David Atolo
Los Angeles, CA

Be careful these plants get really big. Luckily the tent is big, but wow. These are some huge plants. No smell at all suprisingly.

Ted Baker
Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA

Quick, easy setup with these geniuses of the art. Very cool to see a master up close. Will contact if any problems happen. If I did this by myself would've messed up for sure.

Abe Falk
Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

Glad to be part of the growing movement. Can't wait to harvest these bad boys.

Robert Rodriguez
Thousand Oaks, CA

I like the look actually. Thought it would be intrusive but now it just seems like its part of my home.

Carlsbad, CA

Why Choose popupbud?

Free in home consultation and setup like you've never seen before. We would never just sell you a kit and leave you hanging. We actually show you how to grow the plant, and help you become a master grower. All from the comfort of your home!
Growing cannabis at home is the most sustainable way to grow your plants, with to no waste. EVER!
Top Shelf Cannabis clone ensure you high quality, potent buds. Every single time.
GrowMasters always on the line on our 24/7 master grow hotline, for any cannabis related issues that may come up. Always available to answer any questions about your first grow and beyond!

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Free In Home Setup

Purchase your popupbud growing kit today, and make an appointment with one of our growing masters immediately!

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